QE2 Cruise February 24, 2004 – March 8, 2004

1. Science in Everyday Life

From cleaning wine stains off a carpet to removing recalcitrant screws with damaged heads, science has an answer.

2. The Science of Gastronomy

Leading chefs are increasingly using science to create new dishes and improve traditional ones. This talk reveals the secrets of how they do it, and how the approach can be used in the domestic kitchen.

3. How to Win an IgNobel Prize

In 1998 the lecturer was awarded an IgNobel Prize at Harvard University for his widely-publicized project on the physics of cookie and doughnut dunking. The project sounds bizarre, but there was method in his madness. In this talk he reveals what was really behind the project, and the secrets underlying other prize-winning projects that have also fulfilled the criterion “First, they make you laugh; then, they make you think.”

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