Dateline: November 2nd, 2016.

Staying on Bali, and idly glancing at the right-hand NASA topographic map of Bali from space, the similarity to the left-hand image of comet P67 taken from the Rosetta spacecraft suddenly struck me. Yes, I know that I have reflected NASA’s original published image of the comet about the vertical plane, but could it have not been reflected in the first place just to fool us? Are the published images of P67 actually images of Bali, taken from a satellite or even a balloon, and cleverly smudged? I know what I think.

What I think, of course, is that this sort of argument is typical of the conspiracy theorists who get so much media attention at the expense of serious science. I wonder if this spoof will attract similar attention?

Image credits: NASA Earth Observatory (right); Wikimedia (left)

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