At Theodore Zeldin’s suggestion, supported and promoted by Paul Levy, here is a letter that I and 59 others signed, with food-related reasons for Britain to stay firmly in the EU.

Sir, As people engaged in the food world, concerned about the cultural, nutritional and environmental effects of our food supply, and especially the quality of our diet, we urge Britons to vote to stay in the EU. Who would want this country to return to the time before we welcomed “foreign” ingredients, dishes or menus or, for that matter, chefs and waiters? We feel that the best way to protect our recently enhanced food and wine culture and standing in the world food league is to remain part of the Europe to which we so naturally belong.

Tim Atkin; Fiona Beckett; Joanna Blythman; Sam Bompas; Adrian Bregazzi; Mary Cadogan; Kyle Cathie; Felicity Cloake; Josceline Dimbleby; Len Fisher; Jonell Galloway; Henrietta Green; Sam Hart; Anissa Helou; Diana Henry; Shaun Hill; Mark Hogarth; Patrick Holden; Fiona Hunter; Jeremy King; Nicholas Lander; William Lander; Tim Lang; Sue Lawrence; Jeremy Lee; Rowley Leigh; Paul Levey; Jane Levi; Georgia Levy; Paul Levy; Elisabeth Luard; Fay Maschler; Jonathan Meades; Anton Mosimann; Jill Norman; Marina O’Loughlin; Bruce Palling; Tudor Parfitt; Tom Parker Bowles; Sudi Pigott; José Pizarro; Rose Prince; Glenys Roberts; Jancis Robinson; Claudia Roden; Ruth Rogers; Anthony Rose; Simon Schama; Richard Sennett; Nigel Slater; Joan Smith; Marlena Spieler; Rick Stein; Jake Tilson; Nurdin Topham; Ewan Venters; Caroline Waldegrave; Martin Walker; Bee Wilson; Theodore Zeldin


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