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Felice Tocchini has created a biscuit which he claims can survive up to a minute in a hot drink before disintegrating into a sodden mess. This smashes the current record of 25.5 seconds for a chocolate digestive…The recipe is a closely-guarded secret, but he revealed that the key was layering flour and oat-based doughs to build strength, before coating it all in an ‘impermeable’ egg-based glaze before baking. One of the more outlandish ingredients is tiny slivers of sweet potato, which keep it together without spoiling the taste…Physicist and author Dr Len Fisher said the new creation was fascinating. He added: ‘This sounds like a clever use of science to solve the perennial dunking problem.’ Dr Fisher wrote the book How to Dunk a Doughnut, which applies science to everyday life. He discovered that dunking releases up to ten times more flavour than eating the biscuit dry.

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